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Help Save Golden Gate Park's West End Natural Grass Soccer Field and Protect Wildlife!!

As Golden Gate Park was created 140 years ago, its first super- intendents William Hammond Hall and John McLaren showed great foresight and respect for citizens and nature in designating the western half of the park a natural woodland. The entire vision was to create and maintain a woodland within San Francisco so citizens could go be in nature and benefit from its restorative effects without having to leave the city. This is a distinct and very important part of the fabric of San Francisco history, culture and life. It was also an incredibly wise, generous and rare gift given, not only to the bay area, but also to the wildlife they saw beginning to inhabit the park. Back then Golden Gate Park teemed with wildlife: foxes, quail, coyotes, owls, rabbits, hawks and no doubt 100s, possibly even 1000s of other species of birds lived in or relied on the park as part of their migratory paths. Though planted on sand dunes, the park still ended up becoming an entirely distinct ecosystem here - one most cities couldn't imagine - and it remains an ecosystem for wildlife to this day. This is a key part of the legacy of San Francisco, our local environment and our biodiversity and must be protected. Teaching our children to respect, value and protect nature, wildlife and public parks is one of the most important things we can do - especially in a city that has so little remaining natural space left.

Extremely bad and disturbing news: The California Coastal Commission has voted against the park protecting recommendations of it's own staff report findings and approved 9.4 acres of astroturf ("plastic" as they called it at the hearing) to replace the natural grass field along with 150,000 watt stadium lighting until 10pm every night of the year.  Aside from some potential and very minimally discussed bird monitoring, there are no real protections set in place for the 1000s of local birds, Pacific flyway migrating and endangered birds who rely on this end of Golden Gate Park and the coast - including the Western Snowy Plover who depends on Ocean Beach for its survival.  More will be posted about this hearing soon but for now, please see Actions/News page for more info on this.  Deepest gratitude to all trying to help PROTECT and SAVE one of San Francisco's last remaining open space ecosystems, all the wildlife who depend on it, as well as for this effort to keep the field open to the PUBLIC.




Golden Gate Park does not only belong to people: animals have a right to live in San Francisco too  - they need a home and besides, they can't afford the rents here.  

Red Shouldered Hawk - Juvenile living in western part of the park

William Hammond Hall                  John McLaren                 Civil Engineer                         Horticulturalist      


Monsanto chemists at one of its subsidiaries, The Chemstrand Company, invented astroturf in the mid 1960s - the original name for it was chemgrass


       1846 - 1934                                 1846 - 1943        1st Superindent GGP                     2nd Superintendent

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Golden Gate Park is one of the last remaining ecosystems in San Francisco. The Audubon Society and other groups site at least 70 species of birds who rely on the westernmost soccer field. The field is unique within the park due to its size, location and tree lined protection - it is a KEY AREA for local and migrating birds (and other wildlife) for food, habitat, NESTING, resting and group cohesion - and also VERY important open space along the coast and PACIFIC FLYWAY. All species in the western end of the park and/or the coast are connected to this field in some VITAL way. If industrialized, this will directly harm all wildlife in the area - the vast majority survive in the west end where there are less crowds, lights, structures and cars. Many birds also use it as a resting space from the beach. This is THEIR HOME. At least 55 sawed down trees, chemical astroturf, 60ft high light towers emitting 150,000 watts until 10pm every night of the year, more cars, more exhaust, more big events, more crowd noise, and more vendors will radically and permanently alter the area in too many ways and directly harm their ability to survive here. There are also concerns about chemicals leaching from the field over time can impact the water table below. This stadium complex will have repercussions on the entire ecosystem that will inevitably reverberate through the rest of the west end of the park for all time. We must protect the little remaining ecosystems wildlife have left to rely on here - and we must preserve the amazing legacy Golden Gate Park's original visionaries left for us.

"We're going to win.  We've got people power. Everybody should want this, San Francisco is an environmentally friendly city!"                                                                       S.V,

"That's the most awful, ridiculous, horrible, disgusting idea I've ever heard of - if you press me I've heard worse - but not by much more."    

Jessie Tuesday

"That is crazy! Don't they know there is so little green around in San Francisco anymore??? That is so sad oh my god!"                                                                                                                                                                      A.Z. 

What's the point of that? They're gonna burn a bunch of lights & have a bunch of animals run out of their homes, they already hardly have anywhere left to go here."

                                                                             Lauren L.

***The California Coastal Commission near unanimously supports stadium complex in Golden Gate Park - see below....but we're not giving up!!***

"I feel Golden Gate Park should be untouched.  It's the only open space we have left."

                                                       Antonio Salorzares

"I can't believe the city would do that!"                                       C.L.

        "Agh!!  What are they doing?!?!?!

                                                                       Kevin M.

"The city has no business doing this.  The park is for the people so we can go be in nature. If this happens it will impact the whole ecosystem here."                                                                Bill, SF Resident

"They 're going to do what?!? I grew up in with that park, I've lived here 30 years, I take my kids there, I don't want it to be gone!"                               Vahid

"They will ruin it - really, the whole ambiance over there."    Warren Trinidad 

"Why they do that?  I hope we don't. I love Golden Gate Park, I live here 25 years, I raised my kids in Golden Gate Park, every weekend, keep it natural as been."    Nok                                                                     

I love riding Golden Gate Park & want it to stay the same. That's what great about this city!"

                                          Tamim, Zen Therapeutics

"That's such a stupid thing to do. There are other places in this city where it would make sense, yeah, sure, tear it down. But there??? This city's becoming frustrating."                                                                                                 B.D.H                                                                                                                                .

"What's up with the politicians?! They're drunk for power!"      C