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Save The Field

Save the Field would like to thank you, our community, for all of your support. Unfortunately, the judge’s ruling was not based on the merits of the case, but hinged on a procedural technicality.


This means significant fire safety and community plan concerns remain.


These critical issues include:

  • The required 100 ft of wildfire defensible space

  • Safe traffic and evacuation routes; the project still lacks a traffic study

  • Preservation of community open space

  • The protection of the Torrey Pines Reserve from irreparable storm runoff damage


Had DMUSD followed the law by applying for a Coastal Development Permit and done a complete Environmental Impact Report when the neighborhood first asked, we would have a finished school now, and would have protected the lives of students and neighbors in an eventual evacuation.


Save the Field worked toward the safety and well-being of all people, in and around the campus, through California’s Environmental Quality Act.


People who voiced their concerns during District and City meetings were threatened, and harassed in their homes and at work by DMUSD employees, affiliates, and parents. DMUSD parents even attempted to influence Judge Bacal by emailing her. That intimidation was meant to silence questions and concerns. This ugly behavior is not the legacy we want to model for our children or ourselves.

We now call on everyone to move beyond this divisiveness and to peacefully support the safety of our community, together.

Thank You for All of Your Support
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