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Our Mission

Save the Field is a coalition of concerned community members – parents, neighbors, and friends – who have established a public benefit nonprofit to act as watchdogs to ensure that the Del Mar School District

  • does not eliminate 50% of Del Mar Heights Schools outdoor play fields in the rebuild,

  • does not unlawfully avoid important environmental review of the proposed rebuild,

  • does not get away with creating wildfire risks and impediments to safe evacuation that imperil our children and community,

  • complies with state mandates for transparency in all its dealings, and

  • listens to the community.


Our mission is to preserve and protect the field and open spaces at the Del Mar Heights School and to safeguard our children and community against a rebuild that jeopardizes our safety and well-being.

The Problem and Risks

The Del Mar Unified School District is trying to push through a development plan that will

  • eliminate the field and open space at Del Mar Heights School by building on top of them,

  • increase fire risks to the community, without complying with legally required environmental review,

  • decrease emergency access to nearby homes and the canyon, according to experts, and

  • significantly increase traffic without studying impacts to the community.

What Can You Do?

Must Speak Out to Save The Field! Join us!


Save the field by demanding that appropriate environment impact studies are conducted and by holding our elected officials accountable for transparent planning for our children's future.


  • Attend the DMUSD’s online meetings and voice support for a rebuild that

    • saves our field and open space for our children and for generations to come,

    • includes environmental protections against fire risk, and

    • provides adequate emergency access for the school and the community.

  • Write a letter to the editor in support of a revised rebuild plan.

  • Sign up for our newsletter.

  • Tell your neighbors about what is happening.

We can and should…

Rebuild the School


Preserve the Field and Open Space



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