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Alternative Designs

An anonymous website is promoting the idea that Save the Field is against a Two Story Option.

Save the Field would be ecstatic to support the right two story option that preserves the field for future generations.

As you can see below, additional designs have had community support the whole time.

Holly McClurg stated that the district does not want a Two Story Option, so community efforts attempted to present one story alternatives.

The December 2019 DMUSD Regular School Board Meeting Video:

rolfs plan.jpeg

Rolf Silbert's Design

Dec 2019 to Feb 2020

Rolf Silbert introduced an alternative plan in December that was refined and re-presented over the course of a couple of months. It was kept at one story because DMUSD did not want to consider two stories.


Huggetts' Design

Dec 2019

Mira Montana neighbors Kelley and Wes Huggett commissioned a local Del Mar Architect to design a two story version of the school in an attempt to present viable solutions. They first presented the design to their neighbors and got their blessing before presenting it to the district.


Triangle Design

Sept 2020

Save the Field met with the district as part of CEQA negotiations in September 2020 to discuss yet another design.

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